My bass equipment
(everything but the pedalboard and the fretless is Fender, Ampeg, or Carvin)
Coffee-house rig:
Heavily modded Mexican-made Fender Precision Bass with Fender American P-Bass neck. I call this my R&B bass.

Ampeg PF350 head, sitting upon two Carvin Neodymium 1x10" cabinets (depending on the venue, I may or may not take the second cabinet).
Gigging rig:
2014 American Special Precision Bass (my go-to bass), 2013 Carvin AC40 acoustic-electric bass.

Ampeg PF500 primary and backup amp heads with matched PF-210HE and PF-115HE cabinets.

Pedaltrain board with: Line6 wireless receiver, Radial Bassbone OD 2-channel pre-amp, Boss overdrive, flanger, & choruses, and Korg tuner.
Home (practice) rig:
Mexican-made Fender Jazz Bass (with the Mexican P-Bass neck
from my R&B bass) and Ibanez SRF700 Portamento fretless.

Ampeg PF500 amp headwith a Fender Rumble 4x10" cabinet.

This is the cabinet I use for outdoor gigs and for sketchier bar gigs.
Rehearsal space rig:
2008 Fender USA Highway-1 Precision Bass. This is my #1 bass, which I use only for recording and for very important gigs.

Ampeg PF500 500W amp head with Carvin BRX10.2NEO cabinet.

Not shown: Takamine AEB and Pignose 30W battery-powered amp for sidewalk, park, or picnic jamming.

The two Ampeg PF500 heads are each depicted twice; I havea total of three heads: two PF500s and one PF350. This inventory covers any likely eventuality, since I can mix and match amps and cabinets, even double up rigs for a big concert. I think I am over GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) for good... or at least until the next great leap in bass technology!

And yes, I realize the descriptions don't exactly match the pictures. That is because it is easy to update the text to reflect changes in my rig, but the gear is pread all over the place so it is difficult to update the pictures!